What's in Store for Infrastructure in 2017?

Posted by Jim Murphy on 13-Feb-2017 16:31:06

Jim Murphy, managing director of Infrastructure Services, ESG, takes a look at what 2017 has in store for the UK infrastructure sector.


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Topics: Infrastructure, Road Investment, Rail

Top Tips for the Winterisation of Rail Operations

Posted by David Gilmour on 31-Jan-2017 08:34:22

Winter is well and truly upon us and with this comes a whole host of potential problems for the winterisation of rail operations, keeping trains running safely and to schedule. Here, David Gilmour, business manager – East Kilbride, Built Environment Services, ESG, has put together his top tips for keeping our railways operational during the worst of the winter weather.

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Topics: Rail, Legionella

Another Successful Railway Environmental Forum

Posted by ESG on 01-Dec-2016 12:32:42

This month, ESG hosted the annual Railway Environmental Forum in both London and Glasgow. Noelyn Allen, business development director, Built Environment Services, ESG, tells us why the forum continues to be such a success.

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Topics: Rail, Railway Environmental Forum

Legionella On Board Trains: On Track for a Safe Water Supply

Posted by David Heuston on 28-Oct-2016 09:13:27

David Heuston, environmental field team leader, Built Environment services, explores the risk of legionella in water systems on board trains, and explains what rail operators need to consider to ensure they offer the safest possible environment for passengers and workers.

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Topics: Rail, Legionella

Diesel Train Exhaust: Keeping Emissions on Course for Legislative Compliance

Posted by Bill Halkett on 28-Sep-2016 17:48:22

Bill Halkett, occupational hygienist, Built Environment Services, explores why rail operators need to be aware of the hazards of diesel exhaust fumes, and explains the steps they can take to uphold worker health and safety. 

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Topics: Air Quality, Rail, Occupational Hygiene, emissions

Keeping Up-to-Date with RID and the Transport of Dangerous Goods

Posted by Alex Lynch on 25-Aug-2016 15:01:22

Alex Lynch, senior dangerous goods consultant, Built Environment, explains why it’s important for everyone involved in the transport of dangerous goods via train to stay up-to-date with the Regulations Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail (RID).

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Topics: Rail, DGSA

Legionella Control in the Rail Industry: Keeping Risk Management on Track

Posted by Paul Sear on 30-Jun-2016 16:30:00

With 485 cases reported in 2015, Legionnaires’ disease continues to be a major health concern in the UK. Paul Sear, national technical manager, water hygiene, Built Environment Services, gives his advice on controlling the risks of legionella in the rail industry.

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Topics: Rail, Legionella

Oil Testing to Keep Trains Running on Full Throttle

Posted by Dale Green on 30-May-2016 15:11:35

ESG has a long history of providing oil testing to the rail sector, with its dedicated laboratory dating back to before the privatisation of British Rail in 1996. We work with clients across the rail industry, including operators like Virgin Trains, manufacturers such as Siemens, as well as Network Rail.

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Topics: Rail, Fluids, Greases and Lubricants

Cleaning up Effluent in the Rail Sector

Posted by Jonathan Harries on 29-Apr-2016 15:39:54

Jonathan Harries, ESG's technical manager for environmental monitoring, offers his top tips to help clean up the issue of effluent in the rail sector.

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Topics: Rail, Effluent

Railway Environmental Forum 2015

Posted by Noelyn Allen on 29-Sep-2015 14:40:00
Last week, ESG hosted its annual Railway Environmental Forum at London Underground’s Stratford Depot. Noelyn Allen, business development director, Built Environment Services, ESG, gives us a run-down of the day.
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Topics: Built Environment Services, Asbestos In Soils, Rail, Legionella, Railway Environmental Forum