Make Reducing Health and Safety Risks Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted by David Gough on 16-Jan-2017 09:50:16

Did you know that 30.4 million working days were lost in 2016 due to work-related illness and injuries? The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has released its figures on health and safety at work in the UK during 2016, here is what you need to know.

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Topics: Asbestos, Health & Safety, Occupational Health & Safety, Occupational Hygiene

Health & Wellbeing: An Update from the ORR

Posted by ESG on 21-Dec-2016 10:57:23

Last month ESG hosted its annual Railway Environmental Forum and was lucky to have Sharon Mawhood, HM Inspector of Railways, Central Specialist Inspector’s Team, from the Office of Rail and Road (ORR), as one of our key speakers. Here, in her guest blog, Sharon gives us an update on the ORR’s occupational health work.

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Topics: Occupational Health & Safety

A Brief History of Hair Toxicology

Posted by Fiona Coope on 27-Oct-2015 13:41:00
Testing for drug and alcohol abuse can be an important part of occupational health and safety. Fiona Coope, forensics business manager, Energy & Waste Services, gives a brief history of hair toxicology for illicit substances screening.
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Topics: Hair Toxicology, Forensics, Occupational Health & Safety, Drugs of Abuse, Drug Analysis

Asserting a Culture of Safety

Posted by Chris Morgan on 28-Aug-2014 14:09:00
In our latest blog, Chris Morgan, group compliance director at ESG, introduces our ongoing safety initiative, Everyone’s Safety Goal.
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Topics: Health & Safety, Occupational Health & Safety, Everyone's Safety Goal

Getting to Grips with Hair Toxicology

Posted by Paul Powles on 01-Aug-2014 14:07:00
In our latest blog, Paul Powles, senior toxicology case manager for laboratories and analytical services at ESG introduces us to the topic of hair toxicology and the role it can play in occupational health and safety.
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Topics: Hair Toxicology, Occupational Health & Safety, Drugs of Abuse, Drug Analysis